Here’s What Students From BTS Jin’s And TWICE Nayeon’s University Think Of Them Now

In case you didn’t know, Jin and Nayeon attended the same university!

BTS‘s Jin and TWICE‘s Nayeon may seem unreachable with their A-list celebrity status, but they were once university students as well! In fact, both attended Konkuk University in Seoul.

BTS’s Jin 
TWICE’s Nayeon

Two current students from the university named Noh Dasom and Lee Jung Bin revealed in an interview that Jin and Nayeon’s popularity in the campus is as strong as ever.

Noh Dasom (left) and Lee Jung Bin (right)

Noh Dasom always feels pride whenever people learn that Jin attended the university. Many students like her wish they were in school with Jin and had a chance encounter with him.

There’s even a story going around that a student rode in the same elevator, and now everyone is jealous of that person!

I wanna join in the year that Jin did. I heard a story that when he was in college, somebody ran into him in an elevator.

— Noh Dasom

On the other hand, Lee Jung Bin hilariously admitted that he’d fail his subjects if Nayeon were his classmate. Forget school—he’d give it all up for her!

I wanna join in the year that Nayeon did, of course. If I met her in class, my grade would be F. I can give up on my grades for her.

— Lee Jung Bin

It just goes to show that Jin and Nayeon are Konkuk University’s pride and joy.

To see the full interview, watch the video below.


Source: YouTube