Here’s How Studio Choom Selects “Artist Of The Month,” According To Mnet Producer

They’re looking for something specific.

With talented idols such as ITZY‘s Yeji, ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung, and Stray KidsHyunjin achieving the title of Studio Choom‘s Artist Of The Month, fans have wondered about the requirements for being chosen. Fortunately, an Mnet producer shed light on the process and how hard the idols work to make it possible.

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung

Speaking up for viewers, PD Im Tae Hong said, “People want to know how they get selected.” PD Lee Ju Ri responded, “To be exact, we select a global idol main dancer.” It wasn’t as simple as just choosing an idol, though.

Lee Ju Ri explained that the first step was contacting the company and checking the idol’s availability to participate. She said, “We contact entertainment agencies, and we shoot in the order of who is available at the moment.

It’s such a long process that it takes over a month to complete. Lee Ju Ri explained, “For the Artist Of The Month, it takes two months, including preparation.

Giving everyone a detailed look at how much effort idols and staff put into those amazing covers, Lee Ju Ri listed a general timeline for the process.

They have to choose the song and concept, come up with the choreography, and then they have to practice. So, it requires a lot of co-operation with entertainment agencies.

— PD Lee Ju Ri

From how amazing the dance covers turn out, no one would’ve expected how much hard work and time goes into the process. See the producer spill all the details about it here.