Study Reveals Korean Women’s Breast Size Is Growing

A campaign that measured 6,500 Korean women found that more women actually have C cups over A cups.

A Korean underwear company called Good People organized a campaign called “Find Your Fit” to provide accurate bra sizes to over 6,500 women in Korea, as well as to provide consulting about finding the right fit for women’s undergarments.

Good People recently released the bra sizes they collected, showing that a little over 34% of Korean women in their 20’s wore C cups and bigger, 34% wore B cups, and almost 32% of women wore A cups.

Image Source: News Tomato

The results showed there was a 13% increase in the number of women who wore C cups compared to 2014, and a 12% decrease in the number of women who wore A cups, which was the lowest percentage the campaign has seen over the years.

In comparison, bra sizes for women of all ages averaged out to 38% A cups, 33% B cups, and 28% C cups, showing that the bust size of younger Korean women is growing.

“Korean women in their 20’s are seeing a growth in their bust size, so we’re expanding our product line and adapting to consumer changes. Good People will continue to provide professional consulting to our customers through our campaigns, and we’ll strive to understand the changes and demands of women’s bodies.”

— Cho Jun Eui, Marketing Director of Good People

Source: Dispatch