[★TRENDING] Fans Discover Rare Pre-Debut Photos Of Kim Go Eun, The Goblin’s Bride

Old photos from Kim Go Eun‘s modeling days arises in amidst of tvn‘s Goblin ending.

Before Kim Go Eun became a full-time actress, she had part-time jobs just like any other youth out there. When she was a guest on Happy Together last year, she talked about her previous jobs as a waitress at a noodle shop and as an online shopping model.

“I only modeled for a short time because I felt like I wasn’t cut out for the job, standing still while the photographer took photos felt extremely awkward”

Kim Go Eun has come so far since then and has become a well-experienced actress that truly loves her profession. She gained a lot of love and attention from her acting in Cheese in the Trap, and more recently, as Ji Eun Tak of Goblin. As Goblin aired its last episode a couple days ago, Kim Go Eun’s past fitting model photos are spreading once again. Everybody’s lovely Ji Eun Tak is still fresh in viewers minds!

Take a look at how her beauty shined like a bright lit candle in these pre-debut pictures below!

Kim Go Eun looks utterly adorable in a pair of glasses!

She looks lovelier than flowers in the outfit she’s wearing!

Her sweet smile always warms everyone’s hearts!
It’s as if she came out of a winter fairy tale book!

Her bob hairstyle really suits her well!


Despite what she said, she’s a natural at posing for pictures!