Girl’s Generation Tiffany Looks Gorgeous In Her Low Cut Dress

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany recently attended Seoul Fashion Week wearing a strapless dress, and she looked fabulous!

Tiffany was captured in a stunning black dress on her way to 2017 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week. Along with fellow member Seohyun, they posed for pictures allowing the public to capture their beauty.

Tiffany wore a black strapless dress paired with silver heels. To complete her look, she decided to wear only a pair of red heart earrings allowing her dress to stand out even more. The bold lipstick only complimented her outfit even more. With part of her hair tucked behind her ear, she walked confidently and smiled at cameras as she posed.

Check out pictures of Tiffany at Seoul Fashion Week below!

Tiffany seems like she’s having a lot of fun!

Check out Tiffany’s amazing side profile!

Even a candid photo of Tiffany does her justice!

That dress is gorgeous!

Tiffany looks stunning even when she’s just walking down stairs.