Which Style Is Better On SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan — Short Hair Or Long Hair?

Which look is better?

Alongside SEVENTEEN‘s release of “Ready to love”, Jeonghan stole fans’ hearts once again by bringing back his iconic long blond hair.


While fans adored the look and had been waiting for its return, some loved it even more because of how similar it appeared to the male character Mikey from the popular anime Tokyo Revengers. Sadly, Jeonghan has retired the haircut once more for a new look.

Jeonghan and Mikey. | @soleilhao/Twitter

In a photo Jeonghan uploaded to Weverse, the idol showed himself holding all of the long hair he’d cut off. He also showed off a peek at his new short blond hair. Though many are mourning the loss of his long hair, it reminded Carats of another look from the past.

| Weverse

For the vocal team’s “Pinwheel” music video, Jeonghan rocked a similar blond haircut that made him look just as handsome.

Since Jeonghan keeps bringing back past hairstyles with new twists, no one needs to be too sad about the haircut. After all, he can grow it out all over again — whenever he’s ready.

In May, Jeonghan had longer hair, which flowed majestically alongside him wherever he went.

But during SEVENTEEN’s most recent concert last month, Jeonghan was once again sporting short hair.

His dark brown hair highlighted his immaculate visuals and was certainly a treat for the eyes.

What’s certain is Jeonghan looks dashing no matter what hairstyle he has!