The Style Difference Between Solo Artist Chen And EXO’s Chen Is So Different That Fans Couldn’t Help But Notice

His solo looks are aesthetically pleasing but his EXO looks are totally different.

Depending on whether Chen is promoting solo or as a member of EXO, his style changes dramatically. Fans were quick to compare a photo from Chen’s solo promotions and one from EXO’s promotions to prove the difference.

As a solo artist, Chen appears put-together with a well-fitting suit and minimal accessories. As a member of EXO, there’s a similar color scheme but the effect is completely different with a simplistic, laid-back outfit.

The difference was so drastic that one fan went as far as calling it embarrassing. Chen shines in his solo looks but as a member of EXO his style is more simplistic and doesn’t stand out. So, the sentiment is understandable.

The fan proved their point and many were quick to agree.

Chen’s styling for “Love Shot” became a major example. Depending on personal taste, the hair, clothing, and accessories may not have been the best choices for Chen. But, he managed to pull it off, and the beauty of trying different concepts is to find what looks best.

There’s a clear difference between his styles. Do you prefer those of solo Chen or EXO’s Chen?


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