How To Style Your Hair To Make Your Face Appear Smaller

Going out to buy a flat iron now… 🏃

Popular YouTube beauty guru Doyeong is letting in on her secret for making her face look small… It’s a volume wave hairstyle!

This hairstyle uses two kinds of curls: the wave curl and the S-curl. The inner part of the hairstyle will use the wave curl, while the outer part will use the S-curl.


First, you have to tie back the parts of your hair that will be using the S-curl (i.e. the outer part) so that you can begin styling the wave curl.

This is something like what it should look like when it’s tied back:

Now, you’ll use your flat iron to make wave curls. Be careful not to leave the flat iron on one spot too long or you risk burning your hair.

The wave curls should be big and loose, as in Doyeong’s example below:

She shares that this hairstyle might be a little tricky to manage for people with long hair and that it might look best with medium-length hair.


To do the back part, you’ll want to divide your hair into two parts and push them to the front.

Follow the same steps above to make loose wave curls and adjust them so they look natural and wiggly. Repeat for the other side.

Because the wave curls will be hidden underneath, you don’t have to obsess over how they look.


After you finish curling the under part of your hair, you can go ahead and untie the top half so that you can work on giving it volume.

Consider the direction you normally style your hair before beginning. In Doyeong’s case, she tucks her hair from left to right, so she worked on giving the right side volume first.

You’ll want to use the curling iron to heat your hair up, then adjust it with your hand.

Doyeong recommends using your hand to style your hair because it creates a more natural look.

Adjust it to look how you want…

… And don’t be concerned about too much volume because your hair will settle over the day.



Now that you’ve added volume, you can start making S-curls for the outer layer of hair!

To create an S-curl, pull the curling iron outward…

… Before giving it a gentle twist with your hand.

Doyeong walks us through the steps once more, showing us again how to gently pull your hair through the curling iron, as well as how to properly twist your hair.




She explained that this is how she styles her hair with a natural wave look for her videos.

And, while the opposite side can be more difficult to do, it’s not impossible. You’ll want to pay close attention to make sure that your style looks symmetrical.


Ta-da! There you have it: a volume wave hairstyle that will make your face look smaller!

What do you think? Will you give Doyeong’s tutorial a try?