Meet The Mysterious Stylist Behind These Famous K-Pop Outfits

Kim Balko designed items for Jungkook, G-Dragon, and more!

Fans love seeing their idols dressed in larger than life stage costumes, but most of the time they have no idea who is responsible for creating the iconic looks.


Meet Kim Balko, a multi-talented visual director, artist, and stylist.

Kim Balko (center, left)


In addition to styling outfits for groups like Day6


…she also creates custom one of a kind pieces. Most recently, Kim Balko designed the golden epaulets Jungkook wore for BTS‘s Love Yourself: Answer concept photos.


One of Kim Balko’s specialties is fabric painting….


…which she used to customize G-Dragon‘s graphic Alive Tour jacket.


During the same tour, Kim Balko designed the details on these gorgeous military coats.


For the BIGBANG “Monster” MV, she made this futuristic helmet…


…this leather harness…


…and this fur sleeve.


Sleeves must be her thing, because Kim Balko is also responsible for Taeyang‘s silver armor in the “Fantastic Baby” MV.


Kim Balko has designed pieces of 4Minute and Epik High, like this custom hat from Epik High’s “Don’t Hate Me” MV…


…and has worked with big companies like YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment numerous times.

Kim Balko (on the left)


There’s no denying this stylist’s incredible talent.


The results speak for themselves!


If you’re a fan who loves learning more about life behind the K-Pop scene, Kim Balko is one stylist you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on!

Source: Kim Balko