Two Stylists Reveal Whether They See Idols Naked When Styling Them

“Do stylists have to see their naked body to wear them…?”

Whether idols are female or male, they sometimes wear outfits that leave little to the imagination or revealing in a way that’s tricky to work with. Because of that, fans have always wondered how they put on the outfit and if stylists had to see them undressed to manage it.

Sibling stylists Seo Soo Kyung and Seo Soo Myung gave everyone the answer. They styled Girls’ Generation, VIXX, SEVENTEEN, THE BOYZ and AKMU in the past and currently style PSY, MAMAMOO, and AB6IX.

During the duo’s Comment Defenders episode, they didn’t bat an eye at the question: “There are super short and difficult clothes to wear. Do stylists have to see their naked body to wear them…?

Both of them didn’t hesitate to confirmed that it was indeed true, “Yeah, we do.” Since their response could be easily misinterpreted, they elaborated on the level of exposure.

They didn’t see them fully naked. Soo Myung spoke up first, “Not without underwear,” followed by Soo Kyung, “With underwear on.

The stylists explained that their job wasn’t to stare at or inspect the unclothed bodies of idols. They poked fun at how ridiculous it sounded, “But, it’s not like, ‘Let me take a look!’ Not like this!

As professionals and their respect for idols as people, Soo Myung explained that stylists give them privacy and comfort to change without prying eyes.

Out of courtesy, no looking. Artists are people too. It’s embarrassing to strip in front of somebody. So, for that part, we’re trying to make them feel comfortable. We try to respect them because we can’t view them as a different gender.

If you ever see an idol wearing revealing clothing, they most likely were dressed by stylists who were merely doing their job respectfully—without stealing a peek at them.