Suga Finally Fulfills Promise He Made To A.R.M.Y 4 Years Ago

He fulfilled the promise on his 25th birthday!

BTSSuga has an incredible memory! He remembered a promise he made 4 years ago and recently fulfilled that same promise!


In 2014, at a fan signing event, Suga asked A.R.M.Y what they wanted to eat.

“What do you want to eat?” — Suga


After they answered that they wanted beef, he told them that he would treat them to a meat party when he made money.

“Let’s go eat it together next time. For real.” — Suga


Then in 2015, when he was asked about the meat party, he named March 9, 2018, as the date that he would keep his promise to A.R.M.Y.


And he secretly kept his promise! He donated 10 kg (~22 lbs) of Korean Hanwoo beef (top grade beef from Korea) along with signed copies of BTS’ CDs to 39 orphanages in the name of ARMY.


BigHit Entertainment made an announcement that it was Suga who donated the meat.

“We know that Suga donated Hanwoo to 39 orphanages on March 9th, his birthday, in the name of A.R.M.Y for all their fans.” — BigHit Entertainment


They also addressed why Suga didn’t do exactly as he had promised.

“It’s hard for him to have a meat party with fans. So instead, he donated in the name of A.R.M.Y to express his gratitude for fans.” — BigHit Entertainment


Netizens are just amazed that he remembered and think he is super sweet for keeping his promise!

  • “Why is he such a sweetheart? I can’t even stand it.”

  • “What did we do to deserve such a precious angel. Yoongi is such a sweetheart. ;_;”

  • “I’ll say it again… show me another man who is as perfect”

  • “Awww I love him. I hope I can be as cool as him one day”

  • “Oh my god my heart. Yoongi giving back on his birthday yet again, and never forgetting promises.”

  • “The members of BTS have the most beautiful souls, I swear.”

  • “Man, I don’t usually get emotional over this sort of thing… He is such a kind person.”

Source: Reddit and The Star


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