Suga Didn’t Dream Of Becoming An Idol… He Was Tricked Into Debuting

He never thought he’d debut as an idol member.

BTS‘s Suga, the talented producer and one of Korea’s hottest boy group rappers, didn’t think he would debut and promote as an idol when he entered Big Hit Entertainment.


On Rookie King Channel BTS in 2013, BTS members got the chance to share their thoughts about their agency lives and secrets about other members.


Suga went first, stating “It has been three years since I signed with this agency…”

“That’s because three years ago, someone here told me a blatant lie!”  — Suga


Suga called out producer Bang Si Hyuk.


Suga claimed when he signed the contract, he wasn’t expecting to debut as an idol group because of what producer Bang Si Hyuk promised.

“He told me I’d be in a group like 1TYM. He said I wouldn’t have to dance, only groove a little. He said all I’d have to do is focus on rapping…” — Suga


Other BTS members agreed with enthusiasm when Suga continued.

“BTS has some of the hardest choreography done at music shows!” — Suga


Suga concluded by saying, “I actually wanted to be 1TYM!”

“Three years ago, you and your lie tricked me into signing the contract, producer Bang Si Hyuk! You’re so mean!” — Suga


This isn’t the only time Suga mentioned that he was never meant to become a dancing machine idol group member. In his interview for BTS’s Japanese fan club, Suga shared the background of how he came to join the group.

“I didn’t want to become a rapper, I wanted to become a composer. That’s why I joined an agency.” — Suga


Since Suga’s dream had been to become a producer rather than an idol, he had actually already begun building a different skillset.

“I started listening to hip-hop and reggae music in 5th grade when Stony Skunk came out in Korea. I’m also influenced by Epik High. As I began listening to music, I started to write my own lyrics too. No one told me I had to, but I felt like I needed to. After I moved on to middle school, I started composing too… I actually studied classic composing too because I wanted to go to an arts high school.” — Suga


In a different interview, Suga also shared that he had worked around the idea of producing music since he was 17 years old.

“I knew how to work with MIDI since I was 13. By 17, I started working at a music studio. I composed, wrote lyrics, and arranged for the studio… At the studio, I’d work on arranging different songs or creating new beats for sale. That’s how I naturally got into rapping and performing as well.” — Suga


…And that’s why some fans say that Suga was tricked into becoming an idol. Though producer Bang Si Hyuk may have tricked him into signing a boy group deal with Big Hit Entertainment, Suga is now one of the most recognized idol rappers and producers in the K-Pop scene.

Watch Suga shout his heart out to Bang Si Hyuk who has led Suga to where he is now!

Source: Instiz, THEQOO and GRAZIA Post


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