BTS’s RM’s Thanks An ARMY For Giving Him “Receipts” To Serve As Proof Of Suga’s Promise Of Being A “Dad”, Back In 2013

An ARMY dug into Suga’s past post on Twitter and posted it, so RM thanked him.

The relationship between every BTS member with each other is truly too cute to handle!

Sometimes, they treat each other as “soul mates”, just like what and Jimin do.

They also like treating Jin as one of their “dads”…

…because of the “dad jokes” that are obviously funny.

Jungkook, the group’s maknae, is obviously the youngest “brother” who loves to tease everyone, especially Jimin.

RM is BTS’s intellectual older brother who loves injecting philosophy every time the “family” has their own heart-to-heart talks.

J-Hope, the group’s “vitamin” who always likes to brighten their interviews, is one of their “moms” since he’s such a neat person who likes to clean everything within sight.

And Suga? He may be the group’s “grandpa” sometimes…


…but it turns out, he actually felt like BTS’s “dad” in the past, as RM found out from one “detective” ARMY who did some serious digging on Suga’s past posts on social media.


It all started when an ARMY posted this on WeVerse.

Did Suga hyung keep his promise?
He really seems like a father!

– ARMY’s question on WeVerse

In one of Suga’s past posts on Twitter, he expressed the desire to buy several cameras for all the BTS members.

RM would get a high-end camera.

Jin and J-Hope would receive mirrorless cameras.

Handy cameras would be given to Jungkook and Jimin.

And Suga would film them all with a telescopic camera from afar.

In response to the ARMY’s question, RM replied wittingly.

Thanks for the evidence. I’m sending the text right now.

– RM’s reply to the “detective” ARMY

We can’t wait to see BTS receive their well-deserved cameras, so, good luck to Suga!

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