Suga Receiving Attention For Looking Exceptionally Swag Wearing Suits

BTS‘s Suga looks great in every outfit he wears, but he’s received special attention for showing exceptional swagger while wearing suits.

Big Hit Entertainment group BTS’s popularity is soaring sky high and the members are getting more and more attention from fans and media around the world. The group is constantly performing on bigger and bigger stages, and wearing increasingly spectacular outfits to match.

One thing that has caught the observant eyes of ARMYs around the world is the stunning sight of Suga wearing exquisite tailored suits. With the cut of the outfits hugging his broad shoulders and accentuating his frame, fans can’t help but go crazy.

From leopard print to wine red, Suga appears to have tried every shade and design possible. The bold choices have definitely paid off and the pictures below prove it.