Suga Shows This Same Talent In Every BTS Birthday Video

And ARMY wants to see more of it.

Birthday party videos of each of the BTS members have become regular installments on BTS’s YouTube channel. ARMYs love the behind-the-scenes looks at how the members celebrate. Suga has a hilarious habit when it comes to birthday celebrations and it showcases both his talent and his humour.

In the most recent birthday video which showed the celebrations for Jin’s birthday last year, Suga can be seen doing his signature birthday move.

At Jin’s party the year before, Suga delivered what is probably his most impressive opera performance! Suga always sings “Happy Birthday” in an opera voice much to the delight of his members.

At V’s birthday in 2017 Suga delivered another riveting opera performance of “Happy Birthday”. A BTS party isn’t complete without Suga’s beautiful voice.

ARMY love that “Opera Yoongi” made a comeback in the most recent Bangtan Bomb.

BTS even once did an opera cover of their song “N.O” so if you’re yearning for more of Suga’s opera voice then you can watch the video below: