Suho Is EXO’s Leader, But He Has Another Unofficial Group Role Too

He’s EXO’s leader, lead vocalist, and…

Every K-Pop group has assigned positions, such as main vocalist or main dancer, but members often develop unofficial positions within their groups too, based on their personal contributions and habits.


As EXO‘s leader, Suho is responsible for motivating and taking care of his members.


He is also responsible for representing the group during public events, like award shows.


Unofficially, however, Suho has taken on an additional role within his group. On an episode of Happy Together, Chanyeol revealed that Suho is like a pharmacist; this health-conscious leader looks after his own body, and those of his members.


Chanyeol explained that Suho carries around a large box of vitamins that taste sweet…


…but Suho doesn’t give them out like snacks!


Chanyeol showed how reluctantly Suho shared these yummy vitamins with him in the past by demonstrating how Suho retrieved the vitamins from his medicine box.


Chanyeol loved the taste of the vitamin so much that he asked for another one, but Suho refused to give him more.


Suho explained, however, that he wasn’t being stingy about it. Like a true pharmacist, Suho only gives his members the amount of medicine they actually need.


Chen shot down Suho’s defense though as soon as he revealed that Suho had purchased the vitamins with his own money!


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