Suho Joined Red Velvet As Their Newest Member

EXO’s Suho took the stage as Red Velvet’s sixth member. 

Suho’s dreams came true as Red Velvet’s fanboy, thanks to EXO.

During Red Velvet’s MCount Down Win for “Red Flavor” Suho joined their encore performance.

He attempted to exit the stage but was, however, pushed back on.

He would make a great new addition, given he’s a huge Red Velvet fan.

He knows all the dances…

… and even cheered them on during the Idol Star Athletics Championship!

Sadly, Suho did eventually leave the stage but his temporary time as Red Velvet’s cute new member will never be forgotten.

Suho could totally make the perfect sixth member – he’s got all the right charisma!

Watch Red Velvet’s win and Suho’s awesome moment below!