Sulli’s Stylist Reveals Secret Behind Sulli’s Airport Fashion

Here’s how it’s done.

Sulli‘s stylist, Kim Jung Young, has revealed the secret behind Sulli’s amazing fashion.

Kim Jung Young, who currently styles Sulli, Goo Hara and Oh My Girl, revealed everything about Sulli’s airport fashion on Dispatch’s official Youtube channel.


Sulli showed up at Gimpo Airport on April 14th to fly to Jeju for a photoshoot. On this day, she wore a comfortable yet fashionable outfit with a T-shirt and training pants that were selected by none other than Kim Jung Young.


Kim Jung Young stated that when choosing “airport fashion” outfits, she puts focus on items that can be worn by anyone.

You choose a style that anyone can pull off, not only Sulli.

ㅡ Kim Jung Young


She then introduced exactly how she goes about selecting the perfect outfit for the airport. The first step was setting a styling concept. Kim Jung Young goes through various lookbooks to check on different styling concepts. This is the step in which she chooses clothing that will look good on Sulli.


Step two is visiting the showrooms for the items and comparing each one to select the best choice.


The final step is to select the best three outfits to make it easier to select one.


After these three steps, Sulli is complete with the perfect airport outfit!


Check out the full video here:

Source: Dispatch