Sulli Repeatedly Gets Harassed by a Male Customer at a Bar During a Live Broadcast

According to Sulli’s friend, this was their first time meeting outside the house this year.

Sulli recently held an Instagram live broadcast where she was seen appearing uncomfortable due to a male customer that was at the same bar.

On the late evening, Sulli went to a bar with a friend and chatted with her fans through the live broadcast.


But that was when a man who appeared to be a fellow customer at the bar approached.


He then told her, “I don’t do things that could be misunderstood. I’m just a fan. I look up to you” and then returned to his seat.

Once he walked off, Sulli told her fans, “That was scary. This is why I don’t like to come out very often.


Her friend added, “I’m a really close friend of Sulli’s, and this is the first time we met outside the house.


But the man didn’t stop there. In the middle of another conversation with fans, Sulli suddenly ducked and covered her head as if she was trying to hide.

The man then asked, “Sulli, can you please say this one thing for the camera?

But when Sulli appeared very uncomfortable, the man remarked, “Okay. I’ll go” before Sulli and her friend rushed to turn off the live broadcast.

Fans who saw this displeasing interaction responded with comments such as “Celebrities should be able to enjoy their personal lives, too“, “Why does he keep harassing her like that“, and “She must have been really uncomfortable“.

Source: Dispatch