Sulli Posts a Handwritten Letter for Her Beloved Fans

It’s been 14 years since Sulli’s debut.

Sulli recently posted a photo of a handwritten letter she wrote for fans in commemoration of her 14th debut anniversary.

She started off the letter with, “Today’s my 14 anniversary since my debut. I’ve been so busy these days that I didn’t even remember when I debuted.

Sulli continued, “But there were those who didn’t forget and congratulated me first. They cheered me on for how I’ve lived in the past, as well as how I plan to live in the future.

She then expressed, “Thank you. This allowed me to put down my countless thoughts for a little while and look back on the good days. Thanks to all of you, I received a lot of help, laughed a lot, and built up the courage.

Sulli wrapped up her message with, “I get the feeling that life isn’t meant to be lived alone. I have many people by my side, and I made countless precious memories. I also want to become someone who gives off warmth. Please support me no matter what.


Source: Dispatch