Sulli Tried out a Session of Hypnosis but It Didn’t Turn out as Expected

Sulli was skeptical.

Sulli recently shared a video on her official Instagram account along with the caption, “I do want to move! I do! Hypnosis…

In the shared video, Sulli can be seen participating in a session of hypnosis to the sound of a man’s voice.

The man chanted, “Your eyelids are getting heavy. All you have to do is blink over and over. As you blink, your eyelids get heavy.

As Sulli did as he said, he continued, “As soon as you close them, you don’t want to open them again. If you stay still, you feel at ease. You don’t want to move. You really don’t want to move.

Despite doing as he said with a serious attitude, Sulli simply replied, “Me? I don’t? Really?” and showed a confused look on her face as if she didn’t believe it was working.

Sulli then gave it a moment of thought, laughed, and then remarked, “I don’t think it worked” while proceeding to freely move around.

Watch the full “hypnosis” session below:

Source: Dispatch