Sulli Reveals What Kind of Man She Plans to Date in the Future

Sulli’s planning to do things a little differently from now on.

On the most recent episode of JTBC’s Today’s Fortune, a call was made to Sulli in order to find out if she is interested in men with Bodhidharma physiognomy, who are known to have the nature of being proper and upright.

When Shindong made the call, Sulli picked up in a cheerful voice and shared that she was drinking wine with half-dried herring.

She then heard the topic of the call and confessed, “I think if a man has the Bodhidharma physiognomy, they must have an amazing personality. But I don’t think I’ll date that type of man anymore.

In response, the hosts asked, “Are you the type to not consider their appearance when you date?” to which she answered, “I’m not, so I’m planning to care in the future.

Sulli then added, “I want to worry about age difference when I date as well. I’m trying to make the age gap smaller.

Source: Dispatch