Sulli Posts Swimsuits Photos And Gets Mixed Reaction From K-Netz

People are divided.

Recently, former f(x) member Sulli updated her Instagram with photos of her wearing a polkadot swimsuit as she poses in a kid’s inflatable pool. She looks into the camera with a calm expression.

Sulli also had a mini photoshoot out in nature, posing with leaves and trees as she sports her swimsuit.

Though many are saying that Sulli looks gorgeous wearing her swimsuit, some netizens have left insulting comments on the post. Some netizens have said that her gaze doesn’t look good and that she looks like a drug addict.

Some have also stated that the haters should leave Sulli alone since people have no right to judge her. Fans are saying that she looks absolutely gorgeous in her photos and encourage her to continue doing what she wants to do.

Source: Naver