Sulli Does Shocking Livestream Of Herself Crying For 10 Minutes

Fans are worried sick about her.

Sulli has her fans worried sick, since her last ten minutes of livestreaming herself silent and teary.


At first, Sulli looked okay as she stared into the camera from what seems to be her bed. She had her pet cat with her and she smiled from time to time.


Then she almost fell asleep on camera.


As minutes went on, however, Sulli became teary eyed and looked distressed. By the last few minutes of the livestream, both her eyes turned red and swollen from tears.


Fans aren’t sure what to make of this livestream, but grow anxious that something terrible has happened to Sulli. Some were “creeped out” by the silence.


Others believe Sulli is stressed and depressed from the constant hate and criticism she receives and continue to encourage each other to show her love and support.


In fact, Sulli’s past Instagram posting is actually about love and hate. The photo reads, “What goes around comes around. Who did I love and hurt? Who loved me and hurt me?” while her caption says, “To live with only love”.

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Fans can’t shake the feeling that this could mean something or explain the livestream.


Sulli (or more so her Instagram) has always been the center of all kinds of controversy, but this livestream definitely shocked her fans.