Sulli Shocks Fans With More Sexy Selfies

Sulli has always been known for her antics on social media, but her recently activities have taken “sexy” to a new dimension.

She first rose to prominence as a member of girl-group f(x), it is certain that Sulli has made an independent name for herself solely based off the character and charisma she portrays on her social media platforms.

This isn’t the first time Sulli has put herself out there so unsparingly; comments in the past have criticized the singer and performer for being incautious with her public image, but fans have continued their unwavering support—with the new year comes a new Sulli:

Curly, just-messy-enough hair that screams sensual and casual: nothing is more befitting Sulli.

Sulli was well-known as a visual of F(x); this photo proves her ability to silently speak to the camera.

There’s something ethereal yet oh-so-inviting about this photo. If only we could wake up like this.

Sulli takes her Instagram game to another level with this pose. Her comment reads “Smile!”

This feline has unimaginable chill (unsure if we’re talking about Sulli or the cat at this point).

Sulli’s stream of sexy is never-ending. More animals? Are we sensing a theme perhaps?

Sulli’s always been known for being exuberant; adding cute animals into such a sexy photo shoot must represent her multi-dimensional personality.

Sulli takes a short break (though sexiness never sleeps) as she soaks in the sunset.

Hot people need to cool off more than anyone else. Seen: Sulli taking a dip to recover from her antics.

We can’t tell if Sulli’s night just ended or if it’s just begun; either way, the off-the-shoulder look has never looked hotter.

Even though Sulli may seem tired, she surely wakes us up with this teasing concept.

Who says you couldn’t be deceptively cute and sexy at the same time? Sulli squashes the idea that you can’t have the best of both worlds.

Never stop never stopping, Sulli.

Bonus: Sulli shows that there is never a bad time for a selfie, even if it’s just before bed.

Sulli’s no stranger to the selfie, and while the person in the picture never changes, Sulli continues to find ways to surprise her followers.
It’s hard to tell what she’s thinking in this picture, but it’s even more difficult to look this great before heading to bed.
Sulli leaves her followers with one last close-up before calling it a night.