Sulli Truly Transformed Into The “Human Peach” With Her New Pink Hair

Sulli is driving everyone wild with her new look:

Sulli has become well-known for her pale skin, rosy red cheeks, and sweet smile. Because of this, she’s earned the nickname “human peach.” Although she’s had this nickname for a long time now, no one has seen Sulli quite as peachy as she is now!


A few days ago JTBC unveiled teasers for a new variety show featuring Sulli as one of the shows. While the previews got plenty of people excited for the new show, there was one thing that particularly caught everyone’s attention…Sulli’s hair!


In the teasers, Sulli was seen sporting peachy pink locks…


That had everyone even more convinced of her human peach persona!


With the pretty pink, Sulli transformed into a true peach princess…


And had jaws dropping on the floor!


Sulli also recently showed off her pretty new hair color on her Instagram where she had fans gasping for breath! Meanwhile, Sulli is preparing for her debut as a soloist, with her first solo single set for the end of June.