Sulli’s Brother Posts Another Update Revealing Messages Received From Their Father

Their father is taking it too far.

Recently, Sulli’s brother posted a message on Instagram regarding the conflict between their father regarding the assets that she left behind. Another update was made by her brother regarding their father and his continuous lies.


He posted several messages on Instagram revealing some of the aftermath after posting about the asset conflict earlier. He was shocked that his father only called to talk about his image instead of what he did wrong.


“I’m shocked that he called me only to talk about defamation and talking bad about our mom and other things from the past. Distortion about you? I don’t know much about you but you don’t know anything about me either. You’re just a father who wants his daughter’s inheritance money but wants to avoid the inheritance tax. You are someone that says they want to be strangers with our mom that raised us. If that’s what you think than you are strangers with me too. Seeing that you were angry while calling me I don’t think our mom said anything wrong.”


He also posted photos of a conversation with his father that showed him proving that he did visit Sulli at her grave. His father’s message reads, “These are photos proving that I visited Sulli’s grave in Milyang. I visited twice.”

Her brother posted these photos out of anger as he could tell from the photos that these were not taken by their father. “You can see in the second photo the dirt that was used for the funeral. He’s using someone else’s photos to lie about him visiting her grave.”


The second message on Instagram reads,

You can see the dirt used for the funeral in the bottom photo. So you’re telling me that you stole someone else’s photo to act like you were there that day? Is this the distortion you were talking about? I applaud you for explaining this situation yourself. The first photo doesn’t have any credibility whatsoever. Aren’t you embarrassed by this considering you are a member of the church?


The text message between him and his father reads:

Father: The entire truth can be heard from witnesses Kim Jung Hwan and his wife as well as brother Lee Jin Beom from the Goyang Han Woori Church.

Brother: This isn’t even funny anymore. How can you use someone else’s photo and pretend that it’s yours? You really need to stop lying.

Brother: And why do I need to hear the truth from someone else

Brother: Is there no truth in the fact that we grew up with our mom without a dad?

Brother: Don’t talk only from your perspective. Mental and physical pain? Thinking only of yourself as if we don’t exist doesn’t seem like something a person of God would do.



He also posted that he would not be selling the house that Sulli had bought, especially if it was to pay off the inheritance taxes.

The inheritance tax payment is coming up in March. You want to receive the inheritance money but don’t want to pay the taxes for it. You really want to sell the house that my sister worked her whole life for? Excuse me but we are not selling that house. Even if we were too it wouldn’t sell my March anyway. Please get a hold of yourself.


What do you think of this situation?