Sunggyu announces that Woohyun will lead INFINITE in his absence

In his 2017 Seasons Greetings interview, Sunggyu confirmed that INFINITE will have a different leader in 2017.

Sunggyu recently announced that he would be passing the leader position to Woohyun in 2017. It is speculated that reason behind this change is that Sunggyu will be enlisting in the new year. While he’s in the army, Woohyun will be the one in charge.

Sunggyu recently announced on the television program Girl Spirit that he will be enlisting very soon. He also gave a speech to the soldiers in the audience. The idol ended his speech by saying, “Thank you for your brave service. I will be in your place very soon,” but has yet to confirm the exact month he will enlist.

Sunggyu’s leadership skill has always received a lot of praise, and many Inspirits are interested to see Woohyun’s abilities and how the group will be without their leader.

In the video below, Sunggyu states, “Starting from next year. I’ll pass my responsibility as the leader to Woohyun.”

Edited on 12/20/16 at 3:50AM KST for clarification: The exact translation of the video below is as follows:

“At this present moment, it feels like the dad has left home. I don’t think a dad exists. I don’t think a mom exists either. The mom could have also left home. I feel like the youngest son. I decided to pass on my leadership to Woohyun from next year. So, let’s make him the eldest.”

Without Sunggyu, the members of INFINITE become extra silly and energetic!  Sunggyu clearly slips into the father role when he is around, but when he isn’t, INFINITE is reckless. Once, they acted like they were in a horror movie.

Without their leader, INFINITE acts like they’re being chased by monsters.

INFINITE’s own horror film features some hilarious acting in the absence of their leader.

The members of INFINITE even act wild on music shows.

Sunggyu will be greatly missed, but we can’t wait to see the amazing leader that Woohyun will become.