Sunmi Always Got Hit On By Male Celebrities But It All Stopped Recently

Male celebrities often hit on Sunmi, but something has changed as the many interested men seem to have left the building.

On JTBC’s Knowing Bros, Sunmi revealed that she would usually get hit on by male celebrities once her promotions ended.

So she expected a couple of interested contacts after her mega-popular “GASHINA” promotions…

…but to her surprise, not one single soul bared his feelings for her!

She thinks that her recent concept for “GASHINA” scared away all the boys with her charismatic schizophrenic concept.

She revealed that her “GASHINA” videos have a much larger female following than male.

Although she loves all the support from her female fans, Sunmi thinks that her fierce concept scared away the interested men!

But even if it were true, she has no regrets in challenging her new concept, as she found a new killer persona!

“The music video director told me that I have such fierce look in my eyes, that they looked like they were filled with killing intent.”

— Sunmi

Fans, on the other hand, believe that the lack of interested men was because many assume she’s much older than she actually is since she has been active in the industry for a very long time.

“She debuted so early that I think everyone assumes she’s a lot older than she is. I noticed there’s a member older than Sunmi in even Gugudan still.”

“She debuted at such a young age that she probably feels more like a super senior than a peer to others, but really she’s still young enough to be an idol leader.”

“Probably because she feels like a super senior to everyone.”

Source: Pann

Although it’s been over a decade since she debuted, Sunmi is only 25 years old!

When Heechul suggested that Sunmi should ask another male celebrity out, she immediately expressed that she has no interest in anyone at the moment.

Amused by her adorable concerns, fans hope that Sunmi will experience lots of love throughout her years to come!

Check out the full clip of her confession below.

Source: Korea Daily