Sunmi And Chungha Reveal How They Became Close Friends Despite Rarely Hanging Out

Their homebody habits are too relatable.

K-Pop soloists Chungha and Sunmi‘s friendship is most definitely adorable and the two proved how special it is in their recent interview with Marie Claire Korea.

In their interview, the two revealed just how similar they are. From the way, they talk to the way their incredible talent, the two are truly a special pair!

One main trait the two share is that they’re both huge homebodies! When asked what the two’s favorite time of days is, Sunmi replied, “I think our answer will be the same.” The two giggled while they both agreed their favorite time is after work at night!

Chungha shared she loves having time to herself. Whether it be lying in her blanket or washing up, any time at home is her favorite!

Spending time alone. When I feel the touch of the blanket after washing up.

— Chungha

Chungha’s words could not be more relatable as she explained she simply loves being able to just watch a good movie along with something delicious to eat!

The time when I feel refreshed after everything is over is the best. Also, I like the time when I’m watching movie while eating something. I feel happy at that moment. The end of the day.

— Chungha

Sunmi added that they love to use their days off to stay at home instead of going out.

We both don’t go out very often, we love staying at home when we’re not working. I think our favorite time is night time.

— Sunmi

Despite the two being such great friends, Chungha and Sunmi revealed they are such big homebodies, they mainly hang out when they are promoting.

We know that we are both homebodies, so we spend time during together during our promotion period.


Instead of spending time in person together, Chungha and Sunmi’s friendship mainly takes place through texting.

We just contract each other in our own convient time. I meet my best friends once or twice a year. When I miss her, I just send her a video.


Sunmi confirmed that Chungha does in fact send her videos frequently. In return, Sunmi stated she sends Chungha “Ugly pictures.” Their friendship is too cute!

She sends me videos often. I send her ugly pictures.


Check out the video below: