Sunmi Talks About Her Unlikely Friendship With Hanhae

They’re “real friends!”

Sunmi and Chungha were the guests on the March 6 episode of tvN’s Amazing Saturday, in which they were asked several questions about friendship.


Sunmi was asked about her unexpected friendship with Hanhae, a fixed cast member on the show and a rapper. Hanhae had spoken about Sunmi in the past and stated that they had gotten close when filming a beauty show together. He added that he had wanted to invite her as a guest during the show’s periodic “friend” specials.


Sunmi hesitated and said, “Well…” to which Park Na Rae interrupted, “It’s obvious from the word ‘well’ that they’re not real friends!


When my song was on Amazing Saturday, Hanhae sent me a clip and a text message. It said, ‘I said that I was your ‘real friend’.’ It kind of felt like he got nervous about saying it and wanted to tell me before I would hear it from somewhere else.



Hanhae explained and said that he felt like it would be embarrassing to see her on set after saying that she was his “real friend.” Moon Se Yoon joked, “Can I call Sunmi my ‘real friend’ too since that we’ve met once?”

Sunmi and Chungha

Sunmi clarified that, yes, she and Hanhae were friends. She also added that she and Chungha are “real real friends” as they have similar personalities.

Source: TV Report
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