Sunmi And Hyoyeon Reveal Their Different Approaches To Dealing With Malicious Commenters

“Hate like that makes me extremely uncomfortable.”

On Secret Unnie, Sunmi and Hyoyeon, along with actress Han Chae Young, discussed malicious comments and how they feel after reading such comments.

Though fierce warriors, these K-Pop idols admitted that malicious comments do have an impact.


Sunmi first opened up the discussion by asking if the other two celebrities read the comments section.


Sunmi shared that she is the type who reads all the comments, including the malicious ones, even if they hurt her feelings.


Sunmi realized that most of the malicious comments aren’t even constructive criticism about her work, but just blatant evaluation of her appearance.

“These days, it’s not even about being constructive. The criticism is mainly about my appearance. It’s an evaluation.” — Sunmi


So as human as she is, Sunmi reacts to the malicious comments by getting angry and uncomfortable.

“I’ve read comments that say ‘You’re ugly’ or ‘You’re so skinny, you’re like an anchovy’ or even ‘You’re nasty’.” — Sunmi

“But we’re all humans… we’re all the same. The only thing different about us is what we do for a living.” — Sunmi

“I know I’m a celebrity and all, but hate like that makes me extremely uncomfortable.” — Sunmi


Hyoyeon also spoke up about what she decided to do about such malicious comments and the people who leave them.

“It’s impossible not to come across any malicious comments. So when I see one, I can’t help but think what may have led the person to write such a thing.” — Hyoyeon

“I’m sure these commenters get super offended when other people criticize them. What makes them think it’s okay to do so to us…?” — Hyoyeon


Hyoyeon found peace after she blocked all the commenters who left her malicious comments.


Fans found the discussion to be heartbreaking.

  • “Even I get super upset about the comments… I can’t believe Sunmi reads them all too. That breaks my heart. Stop hating on Sunmi, she did nothing wrong.”

  • “Calling a skinny person too skinny is just as rude and mean as calling a fat person too fat.”

  • “Hyoyeon is a queen. The best dancer K-Pop has seen!”

  • “These ‘unnies’ are the best, no matter what anyone says.”

  • “Sunmi, don’t listen to them. Far more people love and support you!”

Source: Dispatch