Sunmi’s Ideal Type Isn’t So Difficult To Find, As Long As You’re In Hollywood

Besides appearance, her other criteria aren’t so hard to fill.

Lee Young Ji released a compilation of unreleased cuts from her My Alcohol Diary series, setting a special segment aside to spotlight Sunmi and her ideal type.

It all started when Young Ji complimented Sunmi, describing her as a rose.

Rose is something that we know is painful because of the thorn but we still want to touch it.

Sunmi was flattered by the compliment, but she couldn’t help but wonder why she didn’t have a boyfriend, especially if the world saw her the way Young Ji described.

| 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube

Sunmi shared that no one had texted or called her. In fact, men didn’t even ask for her number.

While this was a concern for Sunmi, Young Ji immediately recognized the actual problem. Sunmi forgot that she wasn’t just any ordinary person — she’s a global superstar that normal people can only dream of meeting in person.

Young Ji then acted out a scene that probably happened in real life many times. If anyone passed by and saw Sunmi coincidentally on the street, instead of going up to her, they’d gush over how pretty she was before running away.

Young Ji then asked what Sunmi’s ideal type was, which revealed another possible reason why Sunmi’s still single. At first, it didn’t seem difficult to find someone who suited Sunmi’s taste, as she expressed that she liked men with longer faces.

However, it quickly became a losing fight for any ordinary hopeful when Sunmi started listing people she thought fit into that category. It’s hard to even hold a candle against people like Matt Damon, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ryan Gosling, and Ryan Reynolds.

Young Ji told Sunmi that instead of men with long faces, it seemed that Sunmi preferred a man with a Hollywood-type face and a well-groomed beard.

Sunmi also shared that she didn’t want a man who went to dermatology clinics more than she did. Surprisingly, Sunmi rarely goes to a dermatologist, yet her skin is flawless. She does her skincare at home and makes sure to exercise often, as she’s too lazy to go to a clinic.

Sunmi’s final criteria was a man who talks well, as she’s quickly won over by eloquence.

While not going to the dermatologist often and being eloquent won’t be too hard to check off, overcoming the Hollywood wall will prove difficult for many. However, given how precious and wonderful Sunmi is, she deserves nothing less than the man of her dreams.