Sunmi And Rapper Lee Young Ji Reveal They Almost Suffered Wardrobe Malfunctions At The Waterbomb Festival

Both artists had a close call!

Singer Sunmi recently dropped by rapper Lee Young Ji‘s house where the two had a fun, yet chaotic interview.

Sunmi | @miyayeah/Instagram

The two had met before but further bonded over their shared experience performing at Korea’s Waterbomb Festival.

Sunmi performed at the festival before in 2018 and joined again this year. Lee Young Ji performed at the festival for the first time this year.

Photo from the 2022 Waterbomb Festival in Seoul | @waterbomb_official/Instagram

During the festival, water cannons are used to spray the artists and the audience with water. Because of this, the performers often incorporate swimwear into their outfits.

Lee Young Ji shared that she doesn’t like exposing her underarms, so she opted to cover up more than her fellow performers. She wore a halter top with a bolero jacket to the festival and realized midway through her performance that something went very wrong with her outfit.

While performing, her halter top slid down, exposing her bra. When she felt it had slipped on stage, Lee Young Ji joked that she knew she would have to retire from the entertainment industry, so she gave her “final” performance her all.

She even hilariously stated that she didn’t share the experience of her industry seniors, Sunmi and HyunA, or she would have just owned the wardrobe malfunction by removing the halter top.

Luckily, no one noticed her wardrobe malfunction because her bra, halter top, and bolero jacket were all black so they all blended in together.

Lee Young Ji at the 2022 Waterbomb Festival in Seoul

After Lee Young Ji shared her story, Sunmi was inspired to reveal her own close call with a wardrobe malfunction at the 2018 Waterbomb Festival. Sunmi’s charismatic performance that year drew attention from fans, especially the appearance of her handsome backup dancerCha Hyun Seung

When Sunmi was preparing for the festival, she bought a Gucci swimsuit but later found a tag that said it was oddly not intended for swimming. Sunmi hilariously shocked Lee Young Ji by proclaiming she wasn’t too worried about a wardrobe malfunction. Sunmi explained that she makes sure she is properly covered underneath her outfits.

Luckily, Sunmi and Lee Young Ji both completed their Waterbomb Festival performances successfully.

Sunmi at the 2018 Waterbomb Festival

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