Sunmi Breaks down in the Middle of Broadcast and Worries Fans

She also uploaded a photo of pills which seriously worried her fans.

On February 11, Sunmi made a live broadcast on Naver’s V LIVE and took some time to chat with her fans.

On this broadcast, Sunmi shared how she had been spending her days and asked how her fans were doing. She started the broadcast with a tired voice saying, “I just came back from practice.

She then went on to talk about her hair, her performances, choreography, as well as other updates on her life and entertained her fans with her stories.

Up until this point, Sunmi seemed like her usual self as she hummed songs with her husky voice and showed lots of excitement.

But Sunmi, who had been looking a little down since the beginning of her broadcast, suddenly started crying. She quietly looked at the camera, sniffled, and then cried in silence.

Sunmi broke the silence by confessing, “I don’t cry very often” as she tried very hard to hold back her tears. It was clear that she didn’t want to worry her fans with her sudden breakdown.

She then tried to turn the mood around by saying, “I like it when I do cry from time to time though.” In the end, Sunmi tried very hard to smile with her swollen eyes and ended her broadcast.

Fans were so worried for her that Sunmi sent out a message via Twitter assuring everyone that she was okay.

“Don’t worry, everyone! I’m really okay! I mean it! I’m sorry for worrying you… But this is nothing to worry about!!! Don’t cry!!!”

What especially worried the fans is the fact that Sunmi uploaded a photo of a handful of pills in an Instagram post just a few days earlier.

Both events caused so much worry in the fan community that Sunmi’s agency, MAKEUS Entertainment stepped up to explain the situation. They stated, “We’ve confirmed that the pills in the Instagram post were just props that were used on set. As for the V Live broadcast, we’d like to assure you that there was no particular reason for her tears.

Let’s send Sunmi lots of support and hope that she feels better soon!

Source: Insight