Sunmi Reveals Why Female Idols Have It Tougher Than Males When It Comes To Scandals

“I’m ready to be loved by the public, but I’m also prepared to be hated by them”

Sunmi recently spoke out about why female idols have it tougher than males when it comes to dating and scandals. Sunmi was very honest on the subject in her interview with Dazed magazine. So much so that she is even prepared to be “hated” for her comments.


The interview started off with the typical congratulations on her solo career but soon changed to a heavier subject. When she was asked about gaining the title of “diva” she immediately responded that she doesn’t see herself as one.

“I don’t really consider myself a diva. I appreciate that some view me this way, but I think that title is too heavy.”


Sunmi then decided to talk about differences between male and female celebrities and explained why it’s harder for women. She also expressed her anger at the judgmental comments that are often directed at female celebs.

“It’s a tough world for women. The standards are much more strict for female singers. Females take a bigger hit from news about dating and scandals. Even looking at comments, you can tell how different they are from male celebrities’. Words of defamation and sexual harassment…I want to be cool about it but it just makes me so angry.”


She went on to say that her opinion will probably be very unpopular but she doesn’t really care.

“It’s unfair. I’m sure there are people who are not going to like this interview. But I don’t want to be fake; I want to be authentic. I feel like if I’m not honest, women will continue to have a hard time. Right now, I feel like I’m ready to be loved by the public, but I’m also ready to be hated by them.”


Regardless of whether her comments are received well or not, Sunmi has some amazing courage for speaking out on the subject.

Source: Sports Chosun
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