Sunmi And Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Just Had The Cutest Interaction

Sunmi watched Bang Chan grow up.

Stray Kids‘ member Bang Chan recently took to Instagram to post some selfies from the Golden Disc Awards.

His fans loved the post, especially since Bang Chan is one of the members who uploads to Stray Kids’ Instagram less frequently.

And his post even caught the attention of former JYP Entertainment labelmate, soloist Sunmi. She commented on the post, expressing how mature Bang Chan looked. 

“You’re an adult now, an adult.”

Bang Chan responded to the soloist, reminiscing about how he has grown a lot since the two first met.

“Whoa, the Chan noona knew from before grew up a lot, right?! hahaha”

Fans took to Twitter to express how lovely Bang Chan and Sunmi’s friendship was, remembering how in a VLIVE, Bang Chan specifically talked about how the Sunmi would look after him.

In the clip from the VLIVE, Bang Chan mentions that Sunmi “probably doesn’t remember” how she took care of him back when he was a trainee but judging by her comment on his post, that is not the case. She definitely remembers him as a trainee and is surprised by just how much he’s grown.

We hope to see more wholesome interactions between these two in the future!

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan