Sunmi’s legs are longer than most models

Sunmi is frequently recognized for her model-like figure thanks to her long legs and slim body.

Source: Cosmopolitan

During Knowing Bros, she shockingly revealed that out of her 166 cm height, her legs are 110 cm long!

Her long legs were even more apparent when she measured her legs against the members.

Although Seo Jang Hoon is over 2 meters tall, his legs weren’t that much longer than Sunmi’s.

Sunmi also compared her leg measurements to the famous supermodel Jang Yoon Ju, who’s 6cm taller.

Fans agree that her legs were a gift from God!

No wonder Sunmi can rock the stage in bare feet because she doesn’t need any help from high heels!

Watch the full clip of Sunmi measuring her long legs below!