Sunny Reveals A Ghost Haunted Girls’ Generation’s Dorm

The ghost haunted her over and over again.

According to Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, she had quite a scary encounter with a ghost at the Girls’ Generation’s dorm.

The ghost first appeared in her room, while Sunny was taking a shower.

“Yuri and I were roommates in our first dorm. Yuri was on her computer while laying on the bed. Another member walked past the room and saw Yuri and me laying down together on the computer. She said that my hair was down, so she could not see my face. I was actually in the bathroom, taking a shower at the time, and it was not me. Yuri was alone at the time.”

— Sunny

Well, the ghost was perhaps not done with Sunny, as she visited her later when she was sleeping.

” I woke up in the middle of the night because I was really dizzy. I was thinking, ‘Why am I so dizzy?’ and looked down toward the end of my bed, and saw a girl shaking my bed side to side with her hands. I wasn’t sure if it was real or a dream but I was just so scared and kept telling myself, ‘No, it’s not real. It’s okay.’ I had trouble sleeping in that room after that, and I asked Yuri if she’s alright and she said she was fine. So I started sleeping in the living room.”

— Sunny

Upon hearing what she has to say, one wonders if the ghost was actually SONE after all.

Watch Sunny’s revelation about the ghost in her dorm below:

Source: The qoo