Girls’ Generation Sunny pokes G-Dragon in the butt [video]

Sunny‘s nickname is “Byungyu” as she loves to touch female idols’ butts, but this time she took aim at G-Dragon.

When asked why Sunny liked to touch butts, Sunny simply replied, “Just because… it feels good?” G-Dragon’s butt must have appealed to her because she couldn’t stop herself from going up and poking it.

Members of Girls’ Generation often call Sunny a pervert for her odd habit/hobby. However, it seems they’re used to it now. When G-Dragon feels a nudging on his butt, he turns around to confront her, but Sunny shows no reaction or acknowledgment that she’d done anything out of the ordinary. Probably because touching butts is second nature to her. G-Dragon stares at Seungri like “Did you see what she just did bro?”

Watch how Sunny earned her nickname below:

Source: Instiz