Super Junior Called MOMOLAND The Craziest Girl Group They’ve Ever Seen

MOMOLAND isn’t called the “female Super Junior” group for nothing.

MOMOLAND blew Super Junior away when they guested on XtvN‘s Super TV 2 – not because the girls won all the competitions and games, but because their crazy energy was too overwhelming for Super Junior!

MOMOLAND is known as the “female SuJu” group, so their appearance on the show was highly anticipated, and they didn’t disappoint. Even before the girl group appeared on set, Super Junior announced, “We already lost today.


After the girls performed their choreography to their new song, “BAMM!”, Eunhyuk was peer pressured into performing a snake charmer interpretation of the pop song, making everyone laugh.


Heechul, known as the “girl dance group copier”, then challenged Yeonwoo to a dance off to “Bboom Bboom”. Yeonwoo blew the entire cast and crew away with her poise and skills, while Heechul made everyone laugh with his facial expressions.


But it was MOMOLAND’s individual talents that not only impressed Super Junior the most, but exhausted them! They faced various challenges throughout the show, with JooE facing off against Yesung to see who could blow a tissue in the air the longest, JooE’s unique talent.


Hyebin said she could stuff a lot of cookies in her mouth at once, and faced off against Siwon, who put her to shame with 22 cookies vs only 18.


When Jane showed off her unique skill of making “bone noises” and Hyebin imitated the voices of zombies from Train to Busan, all MOMOLAND members started pretending to be zombies, and Super Junior was shocked at their crazy antics.


And when their final challenge involved beef, the girls followed the package around like beagles! The Super Junior members were overwhelmed and declared MOMOLAND successful because they were exhausted… and shocked at the girls’s energetic reactions!


Leeteuk commented, “I’ve seen many girl groups, but this kind of crazy girl group is a first,” and Heechul joked that he’d be leaving work early today because it wasn’t an easy day.


Who can deny MOMOLAND’s powerful energy?

Source: Daily Entertainment