Super Junior’s Donghae Reveals Why He’s Afraid To Post Funny Pictures Of His Members

E.L.Fs would love those pictures!

In Donghae‘s latest interview with Singles Korea, the Super Junior star shared some insight into one of his biggest hobbies, photography. The questions ranged from the type of camera he uses to the type of photos he takes! Of course, with lovely members, there are several opportunities to take comedic photos; however, instead of sharing his funny pictures, Donghae revealed he is actually afraid to share them with the world.

The interview started out with Donghae sharing his favorite hobbies to which he replied he has many!

Q: I heard you have a lot of hobbies.

Yes, I have many. I love working out and going for walks. Watching movies. Listening to music. Making music and photography.

— Donghae

From that point on, the interview mainly focused on Donghae and his love for photography.

Q: What made you start photography?

I was looking for family photos taken when I was little, but couldn’t find that many. That made me feel like, ‘I want to take pictures. I should take pictures of my family.’ That’s how I started photography.

— Donghae

As to what he finds essential to taking pictures, Donghae shared that he finds capturing the moment to be important in his photography.

Q: What is important for you when taking pictures?

What I learned through taking many pictures is that…it’s important to remember the emotion of the moment in which I took that picture. What’s most important in my photography is capturing the moment, ambiance, weather, and season. And that’s why every photo has its own beauty, no matter how it was taken.

— Donghae

Of course, every artist has something that inspires them to create such beautiful art. For Donghae, his inspiration for photography is almost everything surrounding him,

Q: When do you feel inspired?

I think it can be every moment in my life. I feel inspired by the peopel aroud me every day, the staff members, or my family. Music inspires me. Walking the street also inspires me. Every day is an inspiration to me because I see the world through a viewfinder. And I’m enjoying it.

— Donghae

Being so close to his groupmates, many wonder what his fellow Super Junior members have to say about his photography.

Q: How do the members of Super Junior think of your pictures?

I take a lot of strange pictures. Sometimes I share some of them in the group chat room. The members like them a lot. And most of all, my fans E.L.F love to see those pictures. That’s why I keep taking funny pictures.

— Donghae

Q: I heard that you take a lot of funny pictures of the members.

Yes, there are many…I’m afraid if posting them online will make the members way too famous. I’m saving the pictures for now. Maybe in our fifties, I’ll think about revealing the pictures.

— Donghae

Surely the photos are great and hilarious since the members of Super Junior are always able to make their fans laugh! Hopefully, E.L.F’s will be able to see Donghae’s funny pictures soon! It will probably put a smile on E.L.F’s face.

Check out the video below:

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