Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Attempts To Knot A Tie…And The Result Is A Hilarious Fail

It’s certainly a look. 😂

Super Junior has just released episode one of their reality show-esque mini series called “SJ Global Inc” where they play games and other challenges as new office workers.


Their first challenge: wear a tie. The task proved to be surprisingly challenging for the majority of the members. While Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, and Shindong completed the task quickly, Eunhyuk was having a difficult time. His attempt at tying a tie was disastrous, and his members were shocked at his skill— or lack thereof.

Eunhyuk humorously defended his honor by arguing that no one taught him, and that he didn’t even apply to be a part of this “company.”

I’ve never applied for this company, and I don’t even know how to wear a tie!

— Eunhyuk

But no worries, Siwon came to his rescue and helped him tie it later! Watch the first episode below:

Super Junior