Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Revealed He Thought SM And YG Artists Could Never Become Close To Each Other

Thanks to the program though, he and this YG star is good friends now!

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk from SM Entertainment and Sandara Park from YG Entertainment ended up on a TV program together, and as awkward as it could have gotten, the two talked it out and became good friends.

On an episode of Borrow Trouble 2, DinDin mentioned it is rare to see artists from SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment appearing on a show together. Eunhyuk admitted he didn’t think the agency’s artists could get along.

I thought it would be awkward, like there would be a wall between us. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get along with [Sandara or other YG artists].

— Eunhyuk

Sandara Park agreed and added that back in the days, earlier on in her idol career, she didn’t dare approach the SM Entertainment artists because she didn’t want to cause trouble.

When I first debuted, I didn’t even say hi to guys from SM Entertainment because I didn’t want there to be dating rumors.

— Sandara Park

Eunhyuk also pointed out he was initially intimidated by the “YG Entertainment vibe”, which is often quite charismatic due to the agency’s inclination toward the hiphop genre.

I also was a bit prejudiced. I mean, YG Entertainment artists are all about hiphop. They look so… fierce and sassy. It was hard to even dare to approach.

— Eunhyuk

To this statement, Sandara Park stated she could have easily passed for a SM Entertainment kind of artist.

Everyone thinks I’ll be mean, but I’m actually really introverted. I could have passed for a SM Entertainment artist, no?

— Sandara Park

Eunhyuk and Sandara Park, along with other guests DinDin, NU’EST W‘s JR, and Joon Park, all appreciated how the talk and the program brought artists from all entertainment agencies together and turned them into good friends.

Fans loved to see the interaction and look forward to more.

  • “I love both YG and SM. Need some collaboration of them in the future!”

  • “Love the interaction and it’s so sad at the same time even though years of promoting together in same industry they are awkward even though they’re most seniors of industry…”

  • “OMG, when Eunhyuk calls Sandara ‘Dara nuna’…”

Watch the heartwarming cross-agency interaction below: