Super Junior’s Heechul Announces He’s Getting Married⁠— And To Who Will Shock You

We did not see that coming!

Super Junior’s Heechul made a surprise announcement and revealed his wedding through SBS’s My Little Old Boy. In this episode, he visited a tuxedo shop for an appropriate outfit.

My Little Old Boy | SBS

I’m getting married. I need to lose weight for the wedding. I want to break the prejudice that the groom must always wear a black tuxedo. Do you have white ones too?

He also stated that he wanted to wear a red tuxedo to his wedding and invited Tak Jae Hoon, Kim Jong Kook, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Heo Kyung Hwan as wedding guests. Heechul, who properly prepared for the grand wedding, stimulated curiosity and stated, “First, I will introduce you to the bride.”

However, he soon confessed, “Today’s groom is Kim Heechul and the bride is also Kim Heechul, whom I love very much.”

My Little Old Boy | SBS

It turns out that he practiced sologamy, a wedding ceremony held alone, in which he marries himself in order to pursue his own happiness.

After hearing this, his mother replied, “So you’re saying you won’t get married?” To this, Kim stated, “I am not someone who is against not marrying. I do think about getting married, but I thought, ‘Do I really deserve to love a woman?’ and ‘Shouldn’t I love myself a little more?’”

My Little Old Boy | SBS

He added, “When I was in my twenties, the saddest thing was, ‘Why can’t I kiss myself?’ Haven’t you ever looked in the mirror after showering and kissed yourself in the mirror? This wedding is something I need more than anyone else.” 

On this day, he also read the wedding vows and with Kim Jong Kook singing a congratulatory wedding song. Congrats to Heechul…and Heechul!!

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