Heechul Breaks down Crying After Hearing That the Puppy He Put out for Adoption Is Now Paralyzed

The poor dog is so sick that he might have to be euthanized.

Super Junior‘s Heechul recently held an Instagram live broadcast where he shared a sad story about a puppy that he put out for adoption in the past.

Sometime last year, Heechul shared that he was temporarily taking care of a puppy that he found abandoned.

Heechul even shared a photo of the border collie puppy and shared, “I haven’t even named him because I’m afraid of getting too attached.

Despite his efforts, he later ended up naming the puppy “Nasus” and he was adopted soon after, but he recently found out that that puppy wasn’t doing so well.

During the broadcast, Heechul confessed, “Do you remember Nasus? I don’t know how they raised him, but he’s very sick now. That’s why I drank.

He even added, “Nasus is paralyzed in the lower half of his body now. I want to ask them how they raised him and swear at them, but since I’m a celebrity, I have to keep myself controlled.

The dog is so sick that they might have to euthanize him, so Heechul offered the owners his money to get the dog treated and begged them to let him help, but they turned him down.

Heechul then broke down into tears and said, “If they adopted him, they should have taken responsibility for him. Why did they take him then?

Heechul even expressed his wishes to adopt Nasus back and offered to pay the owners to bring him back, but the owners refused.

Regarding what he perceives as clear animal abuse, Heechul blamed himself and made his fans’ hearts ache by adding, “This is my fault. I never should have sent him away for adoption.

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