Super Junior’s Heechul Got Surgery… But What’s On His Mind Left His Mother Speechless

Heechul’s mind is truly one of a kind.

Super Junior‘s Heechul sure has a unique mindset and definitely knows how to get his mother speechless.

On an episode of My Little Old Boy, Heechul was preparing to get surgery for his eyesight. Prior to the procedure, Heechul had some nervous concerns about what could happen during the procedure, such as his hair falling into his eyes.

Heechul and his mother couldn’t help but be nervous prior to the procedure.

Heechul quickly finished the procedure for one of his eyes and gave a funny remark once he was told how long he had to wait before proceeding to the other eye.

Heechul then looked as if he had something important going on once he was concerned about the time.

Heechul showed his unique mindset when it was revealed that the “important” thing he was thinking about was a gaming competition.

Heechul’s mother, as well as others on the show, were just in disbelief over Heechul’s mindset during a surgery.

Here is the full video below!