Super Junior Heechul’s One Condition For Working With An Ex-Girlfriend Shows His True Personality

He showed he still cared.

As K-Pop has gained more international attention and younger generations have had the chance to voice their opinions, idols have been able to talk more openly about previously taboo topics like their dating lives. One Korean rapper who always speaks her mind is Lee Young Ji, who became famous for her incredible performances onstage and open-minded personality.

Lee Young Ji | @youngji_02/Instagram

While appearing on the reality series Knowing Bros (also known as Men on a Mission or Ask Us Anything), Young Ji shocked the regular cast and her fellow guests by openly talking about the time she was dumped by fellow rapper Layone!

Kang Ye Won, Song Ji A, and Lee Young Ji with the cast of Knowing Bros | Viu

Her story sparked a group conversation about whether it was possible to work with an ex. Young Ji claimed it wasn’t as bad as most people imagine, while actress Kang Ye Won said it could be a wise business decision.

Kang Ho Dong then surprised Super Junior‘s Heechul by asking him how he felt about the topic. The singer couldn’t help but heave a deep sigh.

After a moment of thought, Heechul said, “I can do it if there’s no harm to my ex-girlfriend,” showing he would still prioritize his ex’s well-being.

Lee Jin Ho then caught everyone off guard by asking, “Can you sing in duet with her?” The entire group had to laugh just imagining Heechul having to sing a whole song with his ex!

Heechul then repeated his statement, showing that it was an absolute requirement if he was ever asked to work with an ex-girlfriend.

You can watch episode 316 of Knowing Bros featuring Kang Ye Won, Song Ji A, and Lee Young Ji on Viu.

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