Super Junior Heechul Reveals The Hardest Part Of Being An Idol

Super Junior‘s Heechul might be a seasoned veteran now, but even he’s suffered the tough days of being a rookie.

On an episode of JTBC‘s variety show Knowing Brothers, fixed cast member Heechul revealed the hardships he had to face during his days as a rookie. While Heechul’s mischievous and quirky personality has earned him the nickname “Psycho” and “TV Mania” on the show, he explained that he was not always like this.

Following the comments from guest members G-Friend about how they hate waking up, Heechul shared his own experience as a rookie. He discussed having to juggle between doing photo shoots, variety shows such as X-Man and Love Letter, as well as hosting radio program as a DJ and attending music performances. According to Heechul, his day woud end at 4:00 AM and he would only get 30 minutes of sleep in the car before starting the next day. While he hated his busy schedules as a rookie, he revealed that words of encouragement and positive energy from his seniors and peers, such as Kang Ho-dong were what kept him going.

Watch the clip below as Heechul shared his touching story:


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