Super Junior Heechul Says These SM Idols are Boring

On JTBC‘s Knowing Bros, Super Junior‘s Heechul joked that Seohyun and Irene are SM Entertainment‘s most boring idols.

On February 18, Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun guest-starred alongside MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon on Knowing Bros, and revealed a secret about her that shocked everyone in the studio.

During their introduction, one of the hosts, Seo Jang Hoon, asked if she was currently single, to which she said she was. Immediately after, Heechul stated that to his knowledge, Seohyun had never dated anyone before, to which she confidently denied his statement.


This threw everyone off guard and the hosts started asking a multitude of questions trying to fish for answers. Seohyun soon revealed that her previous boyfriend had retired from the entertainment industry, thus further fueling the hosts’ curiosities.

Signed under the same agency, Heechul was the most shocked, and he couldn’t hide his surprise at this unexpected piece of information from someone as close to him as Seohyun.

As the hosts scrambled to figure out who Seohyun’s ex-boyfriend may have been, Kang Ho Dong wanted to dig further and therefore asked, “Did you only date once?” to which Seohyun quickly shut him down and replied, “Don’t ask any more questions.

Kang Ho Dong’s smile immediately changed into an expression of embarrassment, and Heechul then joked about Seohyun, also mentioning Red Velvet‘s Irene:

“See, I told you. She’s one of our agency’s most boring people. She’s exactly the same as Irene! We call them the “No-Fun Goddesses” because they’re so boring but they’re very pretty. That’s why Lee Soo Man won’t send them out on entertainment programs.”

— Kim Heechul

Seohyun then tried to strike back at Heechul by hitting him with a plastic hammer, to which Heechul invoked more laughter by saying that even her method of taking revenge was “lame“.

Watch this section of the show here!